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Dans la tourmente

Dans la tourmente

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Basic or urban tote bags with printed art. Choose between our simple version or our urban version lined with pockets and a magnetic closure. In both cases, you will have a beautiful bag.  

Features of the basic bag:  

Vibrating print on canvas: 100% polyester textured canvas that supports daily use while remaining beautiful.  

Easy maintenance: its unique canvas layer means easy maintenance for your basic bag.   

2 choices of shoulder straps: choose between a 1" cotton or polyester shoulder strap. Long enough to carry it on the shoulder comfortably. 

4 shoulder strap colors: choose between black and natural cotton, and between black and gray polyester to stick to your style and design.   

Features of the urban bag:  

Vibrating print on canvas: 100% polyester textured canvas that supports daily use while remaining beautiful.  

Cotton satin lining with pockets: Our urban bag is lined in navy blue cotton satin and includes several inner pockets and a piping pocket with zip. 

Vegan leather shoulder strap in 3 colors: choose a navy blue, brown or black leather shoulder strap to stick to your style and design.  

Magnet closure: professional material, with a magnetic brass closure so that nothing escapes.

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Hand wash in cold water. Air drying. Do not use bleach

Warranty & Satisfaction

Custom print-on-demand products are shipped directly by the manufacturing company. Note that the amount of applicable taxes is already added to the displayed price. However, shipping costs will be added when adding items to the cart.
Note to check the sizes carefully before proceeding with the purchase since these are products made on demand and no refund can be made for a size problem.
In addition, depending on the type of fabric selected, a slight difference in color is normal. Colors on products may differ slightly from the image.
Only synthetic fabrics are offered to ensure better color rendering. Since the products in the shop come from artist's paintings, it is normal to see the texture of the canvas on the products.

In case of any issues with your order, please contact me by email, indicating the problem encountered, the order number, and including images so that I can contact the manufacturer and find a solution.

Here are the manufacturer's policies.

Delivery timeframes

For anything related to production and shipping, you can refer to the following link for more information on production lead times, shipping lead times, and delivery prices.